If you love the taste of a fresh cup of espresso but worry that you won’t know what to do with a semi automatic machine, try a super automatic espresso machine. Though similar in design, these machines let you do everything you need to brew a fresh cup with the touch of just one button. When you push a button on the front or side of the machine and have water and espresso inside, it will grind the beans, portion out the exact amount needed, tamper the espresso, brew the coffee and the eject any waste left behind.

5 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

1. Gaggia RI8762 Anima Prestige Super Automatic Espresso Machine

It only takes one cup of espresso from this machine to change the way you think about your beloved coffee house. This Gaggia machine delivers the same results that you would get from a barista but lets you control the flavor and even size of your cup. Use the buttons on the front to make a smaller cup of traditional espresso or a larger cup like those found in American shops. Those buttons also let you cappuccino or a latte and access the menu. You’ll also find a button that lets you adjust the aroma strength. The adjustable dispenser moves up and down to accommodate both smaller and larger cups, and with a 60-ounce reservoir, you’ll never again worry about running out of coffee while making drinks for a crowd. It also comes with an automatic shut off feature to help you save on electric bills and an automatic milk frothing carafe.

2. DeLonghi ESAM3500.N Magnifica Digital Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

DeLonghi designed this super automatic espresso machine with convenience in mind. It does everything you need to do to make the perfect cup of coffee, even if you’re running on limited sleep first thing in the morning. Controls on the front let you move between settings and change both the size of your cup and the strength of the brew. These is even a button that lets you make the perfect cup of cappuccino with just one push of a button. Its unique Direct-to-Brew system lets you add beans to the machine, press a button and enjoy a fresh cup in minutes. The machine will instantly grind those beans for you, tamper the beans, push the water through and pour the finished coffee in your cup. Cappuccino lovers will also like that it comes with a pitcher for holding milk and a frother for steaming and frothing that milk.

3. Delonghi ECAM23210SB Super Automatic Coffee Machine

The buttons found across the front of this super automatic espresso machine will make anyone feel like a real barista. Instead of wasting a lot of time trying to figure out what buttons to press and how to grind your beans, this machine does everything for you. Not only does it grind and tamp your beans, but it will also add the perfect amount of water based on the settings you selected to give you a cup that tastes just the way you like. The coffee spout actually adjusts to better fit your cup, letting you make the largest cup of espresso or cappuccino you ever saw before. It also comes with a hot water spout on the side. This spout lets you pour hot water from the 60-ounce tank inside into your cup for making tea, hot chocolate or other drinks when you’re not in the mood for coffee.

4. Jura Ena Micro 1

While other machines let you make multiple cups of espresso and other drinks, Jura designed this machine for those who want to make the perfect single cup of espresso in minutes. The manufacturer added a special cover that sits on the top of your beans and protects those beans from odors in the surrounding environment and other hazards to ensure that they stay fresh and ready for brewing. You simply add the beans to the reservoir inside, place the cover in place and use those beans anytime you want a fresh cup. A preheating system cuts down on the time you spend waiting for the machine to heat up before using it, but it also comes with a protective feature that shuts down the machine when you don’t use it for a long period of time or if it reaches a temperature the machine views as too high.

5. Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine

If you live in an area with hard water, you’ll love having this Gaggia super automatic espresso maker in your kitchen. Hard water features mineral deposits that subtly change the flavor of coffee, but this machine features a patented filter technology that sends the water through four separate filters. Each of those filters removes impurities and mineral deposits to help you enjoy the full flavor of your beans. Available in two colors to better match the decor of your kitchen, this espresso machine also also has a standby mode. If you do not use it for 60 minutes, it will instantly enter standby mode to cut down on the amount of power it needs. We also like that the digital display on the front will send out an alert if it encounters any problems like a lack of water or not enough beans to help you stay on top of potential issues.

Our Favorite Pick for Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The best super automatic espresso machine that we found is the Gaggia RI8762 Anima Prestige Super Automatic Espresso Machine. Designed with quality performance in mind, it features a pre-infusion process that opens up the beans that you use to deliver stronger aromas and bolder flavors. With a 60-ounce water tank, programmed settings and adjustable controls on the front, it’s the best of the best. Using those buttons lets you make espresso of different strengths, cappuccinos and even lattes. It also uses less energy and comes with a feature that turns itself off after 60 minutes of inactivity to help you save on power bills.