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  • Delectable coffee with optimal crema thanks to an intelligent pre-brewing system
  • Affordable, with a price that doesn’t exceed $1,000
  • Easy to operate and customize drinks
  • Fine Foam Frother makes it easy to make beautiful cappuccinos and lattes


  • The small drip tray can only accommodate one cup at a time
  • Rinse cycle can be seen as too aggressive

Basic doesn’t have to be boring. The Jura Impressa C60 is a relatively basic machine with a modest price tag. Despite it being free of some of the technological advancements that the brand has rolled out recently, the C60 remains a star when it comes to brewing a perfect cup of coffee and several milk-based beverages.


Other Options


If you are only interested in brewing regular coffee, teas, and hot chocolates, then this machine is not for you. But if you want a simply sumptuous variety of cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and more, it will pay for itself.

Its price tag is below $1,000, meaning that it will pay for itself after some months of use. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the more recent (and pricier) models, but it bolsters the same quality, aesthetic and reliability of the fancier brand units.

Detailed Review and Breakdown


The Jura A1 is one of the sleeker espresso machines on the market. Its compact, all-black, minimalist design will sit inconspicuously on any kitchen counter, and blend right into any modern home.



Brew Intelligently

Do you like your coffee strong or mild? With the C60, you don’t have to decide. A variety of strength options let you choose exactly the type of caffeine fix you’re looking for.

It also includes two brew temperature settings known as the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.SⓇ). This system pre-brews the coffee in a way that delivers richer flavor and optimal crema.


Milking It

Steaming and frothing milk is easy thanks to the brand’s Fine Foam Frother. This way, you can easily top your cappuccinos and lattes with airy, gorgeous froth.

But the frothing attachment can be used for more than milk. It also delivers hot water for tea and hot chocolate.


Water Problems? Hardly

Did you know that a cup of coffee is 98.7% water? The company takes this seriously, which is why the it is equipped with CLEARYL Blue filters. These filters reduce the need for descaling and keep water pure of substances. By keeping water clean, coffee taste is improved, and thelifespan of the machine is increased.

The filters are a little over $20 and only need to be changed every 2 to 3 months.


Bypass a Disagreement

You like aromatic French roast, but your partner wants Italian…and it has to be decaf. It keeps everyone pleased thanks to its bypass doser. It is a small chute on top that accepts ground coffee only. It means that you can keep your favorite drink in the hopper while also accommodating your partner’s preferences.



  • 64 ounce water tank
  • Width = 11 inches; depth = 16 inches; height = 13.5 inches
  • Bypass doser
  • Case is plastic; boiler is stainless steel
  • Model number 15006
  • hopper capacity: 7 ounces


Ease of Use and Reliability

simple flick of a button can brew a quality cup of coffee and ﹘﹘ thanks to the Fine Foam Frother ﹘﹘ you don’t need to worry about mastering a frothing technique to have perfect froth and crema every time.

The C60 also saves you money on energy bills with the Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.Ⓡ). The E.S.M. is programmed to automatically shut down the machine after a certain amount of inactivity. So if you forget to turn off the machine (who of us hasn’t been guilty of such things?) while heading to work, you don’t need to worry about unnecessary energy consumption.



The C60 is the perfect machine for the coffee drinker who wants to enjoy the luxury of the brand without spending thousands of dollars. As mentioned before, it doesn’t go over three digits in price, whereas popular models like the Jura E8 doubles the cost this product, and the Z6 triples it.

The caveat is that it doesn’t come with some of the revolutionary technology found in the latest Jura machines, such as a perfected extraction process, automated cleaning systems, and improved water filter technology.


Who Is This For?

The Jura A1 is a super automatic espresso machine designed for coffee purists who are willing to spend a bit of money on properly extracted coffee. The Jura A1 does not mess around with milk.

Best meant for the espresso junkie, the Jura A1 can quickly pull multiple espresso shots in a row without needing a refillSo, the quad espresso drinker will not be let down. This machine does not spit out hot water either. So when we say espresso purist, we mean it. No Americano drinkers allowed.

For the vast majority of you who enjoy milk with your espresso, you will be vastly disappointed by the Jura A1. Yes, you can buy independent milk steamers to accompany this espresso machine. But, Jura makes very good automatic espresso machines that will both pull espresso and steam milk for you at a very good price.


Our Opinion

Jura A1 Ultra Compact

There are a lot of beautiful, high-end units out there to choose from. Unfortunately, many of the best ones are not for the budget-conscious. That’s why the company created this model, an expensive-looking unit that won’t break the bank.

It hits the mark when it comes to making a variety of milk-based beverages and coffee. If you are a coffee aficionado and your budget can accommodate a $2,000-$3,000 hit, I would recommend upgrading to one of the more recent Jura models (they honestly take quality and convenience to a different level nay –  stratosphere when it comes to espresso).

If you are new to the world of Jura, this machine could also be an excellent step into the world of super-automatic espresso machines.

Other Options Worth Looking At


The Saeco Gran Baristo unit is of comparable function and price, but it surpasses this product in the cleaning department. Like the more recent models, the Gran Baristo comes equipped with an automatic rinsing and descaling system that does the maintenance work for you. Some Amazon users, however, have reported that their machine was fragile and did not brew a strong enough drink.

Just a bit more expensive than this unit, the C65 Automatic model is a worthy opponent. It has many of the same features, plus the Aroma+ grinder. This grinder reduces noise up to 50% and delivers an arguably vibrant, aromatic drink.

Finally, the Saeco PicoBaristo model comes equipped with eight different coffee varieties, strength settings and a simple maintenance system/filtration system to ensure easy cleaning and low risk of scale.